Monday, February 7, 2011

Making Small Adjustments

Last week I took a day of retreat at Transfiguration Lodge up in the Litchfield Hills. I was hoping I'd wake up in time to see the sun rise, a spectacular sight over the acres of bare trees adjacent to the Lodge. And I did. The moon was still out, the snow on the branches.

Snow covered trees at dawn with the moon in the sky

 As I sat with my coffee I saw a lone squirrel try to walk over a branch and he slipped a little--the squirrel had to adjust to the snow by traveling upside down instead of right side up. It was a small adjustment so that he could find a bare place to hold on. And it was amazing how instinct took over and he knew to move upside down in order to travel.

Sunrise with icicles, Transfiguration Lodge

Later I was struck by how in yoga practice we're told to "make small adjustments" in the body so that a pose is more comfortable or more challenging.

Making small adjustments in life--adjusting how we cope with snow or how we cope with life's bigger challenges--is so essential. It's a wonderful skill that helps us keep our balance. It's nice to have been reminded of it by both a squirrel and a yogi.

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