Monday, May 30, 2011

Gratitude, Joy

Yesterday we traveled by ferry from the North Island to the South.  The trip took about 3 hours; over the open water we really chugged along, while once we approached the port in the South we slowed appreciably so as to negotiate the narrow, winding channel.
Approaching the hidden channel to the South Island
On the way the perfect meditative music presented itself:  Anand Anugrah and Paul Avgerinos, "Gratitude, Joy" which I had loaded on my iPad.  Thanks, Paul, for this wonderful meditation--it was terrific paired with the ferry cruising at high speed across open water.

I also really enjoyed this song by Leonard Cohen, "Tower of Song".  It's a kind of meditation (with humor) on the close of this life and the next life ahead of us.  Cohen is quite an interesting fellow, one of the earliest folk/rock artists, predating Bob Dylan a little, poet, Montreal Jew and Buddhist monk.  See what you think; the video is from his Live in London concert in 2009:

Have had to wear winter-weight jacket now for last 2 days--last night there was a heavy frost here but the high temps are in the 50's.  Only one bad rain day since coming to NZ and right now the sky is clear blue.  It is interesting to be here on the equivalent of our December 1 . . .  On the way today to Abel Tasman Park in the NW of the South Island.

Blessings to everyone in Redding and Stamford and Pittsburgh and Madison!

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  1. 84 here today! Enjoy- how beautiful and how nice to have PA's music. HUGS.