Saturday, June 18, 2011

Turning Point

At this point we are more than halfway through our PDL.  We've left Singapore today and just landed in Bangkok minutes ago.  In order to get the boarding passes for our El Al flight to Israel we had to go through extra security at a screening counter.  We passed.  As I was standing there I was gazing at the blue and white El Al logo and realizing that this really is happening--when the next plane lands we will be in Tel Aviv.  Someone from St George's College will meet us there and drive us to Jerusalem.  Gazing at the logo I realized that "El" is one of the most ancient names for God in the OT.  Maybe El Al is God's Airline.

We spent a frenzied 2 days in Singapore, trying to keep up with the pace of the city and its inhabitants.  Quite the impressive place.  We ate chili crab and black pepper crab at East Coast Seafood (Jumbo Restaurant) which was a cultural experience in itself.

Barry cleaning up after chili crab, left, and black pepper crab, right

We had Asian fusion at a restaurant on the Singapore River and took a river taxi most of the way home.  We went to the Singapore Museum and saw a terrific historical exhibit as well as an exhibit of the photography of Abbas, a modern photo journalist.  Sue K, we just didn't get to Little India to have fish head curry but to tell the truth I never could get past that name ...  Singapore is an amazing place, bustling and economically a powerhouse.  The tropics continue to amaze me with the ferns and plants--the Botanical Garden in Singapore was so impressive, especially the orchid gardens.  Orchids are everywhere here--even huge displays in airports in Singapore and in Bangkok.

Palm variety--SBO

Lovely orchids--SBO

A member of the ginger family--SBO

And now it's time to turn toward academics.  We are beginning our course this coming Tuesday evening and expect to join 20 or 30 people from around the Anglican Communion as we continue to make connections between God's Word and the Promised Land.  But before that it's time for the mid-sabbatical haircuts we each need and maybe a pedicure too in order to attend to some raggedy polish applied in May in Toronto.

An through it all I've been working on The Artist's Way and am finding it a very stimulating and worthwhile guide to going deeper into the Inner Life.  I'm on Week 9 now, getting a little ahead so that it can be put aside for a few weeks while we take the course in Jerusalem.  I'd recommend this "course in creativity" to anyone who may or may not be an artist.  It's basic premise is that by understanding our past and by knowing our foibles and our wounds, we are better able to give ourselves over to God's direction as we continue with our lives.  (It's really pretty sound psychotherapeutic stuff.)  Here's a terrific quote from Miles Davis that is highlighted in the book:  "Do not fear mistakes.  There are none."

And finally, I downloaded the album that the Traveling Wilburys made together in 1988-- that was the group composed of George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Jeff Lynne.  It was so sweet to hear their music again--and especially since two members of the band have since died:  Roy Orbison and George Harrison.

Life is short, and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who walk the way with us ...  so be quick to love, and make haste to be kind.

Over and out.

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