Tuesday, June 21, 2016

12 Steps and ZenTangles

Work continues on sabbatical goals.  I've completed the book by Richard Rohr called Breathing under Water.  It's a book that takes a very close look at the 12 Steps originated by Alcoholics Anonymous.  Rohr contends that the 12 Steps map out a very viable way to live our lives--whether or not we are addicted to alcohol or other substances or behaviors.  In fact he says that we are all addicts--whether we want to admit it or not.  So I've been fascinated with that, with identifying my addictions.  And then reading through the book with them in mind.  This book is so very, very good, in fact, that we'll use it in the fall for a Spirituality series during our Adult Ed hour.  If you want to order it and read it early, go right ahead...I guarantee we'll be using it as a text!

Next, I've had a very surreal experience doing something so Out Of The Box for me that it still feels weird.  This is a deliberate effort to learn to "doodle" according to the method called ZenTangling--or making ZenTangles.  On most days I'll sit for 30 or 60 minutes and work through the book called One ZenTangle A Day, by Beckah Krahula.. Each day presents new patterns to learn and a time to practice.  In the next post are some of the "better" ZenTangles I've done.  It is such a gift to have the time to do this.  The method is very meditative and deliberate--definitely different from the usual pace of work in the office.  Again, I'm so grateful for the chance to do this!

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