Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Newest Completed Cathedral in the World

St. John's Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane is the most recently completed Gothic cathedral in the world.  It was begun in the early 1900's and completed in 2009.  We visited it this morning and we're happy to see this nice program they have going on Wednesdays:  COWS.  Anyone is welcome to come in for a simple "coffee hour" for free.  It gives the greeters a chance to meet lots of new people.

Barry and I came in and were greeted by a very hospitable man who was a real font of knowledge about the cathedral's windows and art in general.  He made sure to show me these 2 windows, the first a tribute to the American servicemen stationed in Brisbane in WWII who brought the people a whole new sense of who they could be.  Note the American flag at the top and the artist's attempt to render a bald eagle. This was in the days before Google Images, I guess.

Next, the window celebrating Jesus as the Light of the World and celebrating scientific explorations of light and energy.  The stars in the background are an image from the Hubble telescope.  Wonderful!

Finally the guide took me to one of the side bays alongside the side aisle.  Here was a huge space cordoned off for kids.  They are right there in the worship space, playing and singing and making their own comments.  The parents sit right across from them and take them for Communion at the proper time.  Another great service to the community.

I think that what struck me most about this cathedral was not even its beauty but its hospitality.  So many ways to welcome us all in.  I hope they'll continuing their welcoming ministry for centuries and centuries...thanks, St. John's!

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