Thursday, May 5, 2016

On the Eve of the Leave, Thursday, May 5, 2016

It's been only 5 years since last sabbatical but it feels like a very long time.  Winding down toward leaving I'm reminded how complex the work is in a full time parish position.  And I know it will be a similar feeling at the return time in August.  The goal is to relax enough to enable good and deep learning in this upcoming sabbatical.  It's amazing how stress interferes with that!

We are looking forward to hiking in Greece to monastery destinations and ancient ruins.  I'm especially looking forward to being at Yale again for 2 courses for pastors:  Leading God's People (based on the book by the same name, a study in how the Church Fathers and Mothers inform our sense of being pastors) and a class that takes us behind the scenes at the Yale museums and various book collections to see ancient artifacts that relate to life in Biblical times.  I am hoping for some practical knowledge to inform preaching.

But for now the parish work continues toward Sunday--Mothers' Day, the baptism of a new, beautiful toddler, and a celebration of our Confirmands.  Also included will be the very bittersweet time of saying goodbye to a parish couple who have been wonderful members.  And life goes on...sadly sometimes.

So here's  a photo that reminds me of the Genesis account of the Spirit moving over the chaos of the deep and bringing order.  It's Barry's stuff on the bed in the guest room.  Good thing there are no guests right now!  And like the bringing of order from chaos biblically, I know there will be order emerge from this particular chaos, too.  And it will all fit into a duffel bag.

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