Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The desire to reunite

Yesterday we began our short stay in England to adjust to European time and decompress.  We experienced the usual issues with fatigue from jet lag, but nonetheless have settled in nicely.  We are in Dorset, near the coast of England.  We're in the little town of Chickerell, west of Weymouth.

We drove past Stonehenge--we were there first about 28 years ago, when a person could actually walk between the stones and touch them.  Now it's all roped off...So here's a look from the road; not too bad a picture considering we were going about 50 miles an hour... Then we stopped at Salisbury Cathedral--beautiful, majestic, constantly repaired.  When we were first here those years ago the scaffolding was by the west doors--the main entrance.  Now it's around the apse in the east.  I guess that's progress.

Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral--two manifestations of the human desire to retouch our roots--where we came from--that divine DNA or pattern in whose image we were made, according to Genesis 1.  This drive pushes us into our own souls and up to the heavens--or at least to the moon at this point.  It pushes our days and gives them meaning.  Purpose.

Stonehenge from a good deal away, and going past at 50 mph.
Below, the interior of Salisbury Cathedral, done in the high Gothic style.  Magnificent.

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