Saturday, July 16, 2016

Great idea for young adults just out of university...

Here in NZ we've encountered a wide assortment of young people working as waiters, B&B helpers, and store employees.  So far we've met young adults from the US, Canada, UK, Scotland, Argentina, Germany and France.  Last night I was chatting with our waiter from France (Normandie), giving him some sympathy about the recent awful attack in Nice.  Our store salesman at Kathmandu (an outdoor clothing company) was from Seattle.  He explained this to us--

There is a program here called a Working Holiday Visa.  Young people can come here to NZ to travel and also work for a full year.  Seems to me that it's helpful for the country--the tourism here is so strong a part of the economy that they need lots of help.  And it's great for the young people who may need an extra year to discern their direction for the future.   Gradschool or not?  Which way to turn?

Don't get me wrong:  it's no way to get rich!  The jobs are usually minimum wage and the living arrangements aren't as rigid as we adults might like.  But for a year at this time of life--it might be a really good way to continue to grow.

Here are some photos from recent days
Barry at one of the central-South Island mountain passes across the Southern Alps
And views around Queenstown, a center for winter and summer sports.  The jagged mountain peaks are in the range called The Remarkables.  Great name!  There's also a ski area there that Barry went to yesterday.  It's small in scale but good skiing, apparently.

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