Friday, July 22, 2016

Seek and Ye Shall Find

We're in Australia now.  We spent a wonderful, full day in Melbourne, in the far south of the country.  It's winter here--but the temp got up to maybe 60 degrees in the sun.  Here's a picture I really like of the city--taken from a marina to the south.

Last time we were in Australia the only place I could see a kangaroo was in the Melbourne Zoo!  That's despite all the signs between Sydney and Melbourne that warn travelers of their presence--signs like this one:

I was starting to joke that they all run away when they know we're in town...but last night we had our first sighting--in farmland, away from much civilization.  They're like deer in that they come out at dusk and often hop right across the path of your car.  Kinda scary.  So today we drove to the Grampian Mountains and hit the jackpot.  Get a load of this:
They hang out in packs.  Also saw the head of a platypus at a distance in a pond on the farm!  And today got a glimpse of an emu in this kangaroo neighborhood.  Wow!

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