Saturday, July 2, 2016

Maori Church

After the penguin-sheltering Christ Church we came upon another church down the road, this one was St. Mary's Anglican Church in Tikitiki (short i's in that word, not like "tiki torches".  More like a rogue clock.)

This church sits in the middle of Maori country, north of Gisborne.  It's constructed to reflect Maori culture through and through, echoing the look of a Maori Meeting House.  It's the architectural embodiment of the NZ BCP, combining Maori arts with English sensibilities.  The walls are covered with grass and stick woven panels.

Next, a picture of part of the roof, the central rib and some lateral supports, decorated Maori-style.
What do you think of this baptismal font?  I love it...
And finally, the end of a pew:  they are all decorated like this.  Note the mother-of-pearl.

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